27 November 2007

Miniature Acrylic Manor Home Painting

Two brand new artists to showcase in my blog this month. Travis is a painter and has lent his talents with acrylics to the miniature scene. Beautiful work, kiddo!


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Two brand new artists to mention in my blog. This is a miniature sculpt from Bonnie, this is only her third Dollhouse Miniature piece. It's a miniature mandrake.

Miniature Gingerbread House

Inspired by the girls at CDHM, I decided I might have a go of making a gingerbread house. What I ended up with was this little cutie and a bunch of candy canes (I just cannot stop making them! So much fun!).

I plan to offer the gingerbread house on eBay and the candy canes on my website soon. Look for new eBay auctions tomorrow (link at my website) and two brand new artists will be premiering their items in my auctions. So cool! Welcome, Travis and Bonnie, to the world of miniature art.

17 November 2007

Quarter Scale Dollhouse Shadowbox

This is what we did tonight at Mom's new kitchen table in her brand new home. We watched the Railway Children on DVD and I painted while she enjoyed the film (the remake with Jenny Agutter as the Mom not the daughter). Then we sat and decided where to put all of the furniture. It was a lot of fun, especially after Melissa scolded me for buying this shadowbox to begin with. She said it was a waste of money. I only wish I had taken a photo of it before and after as it looked so much different without the paint!

14 November 2007

American Girl Souffle

Souffle - completely removable from the bowl it is in. I loved making this. American Girl sized for Christine.

American Girl Oatmeal

Mmmmm, oatmeal for an American Girl. This is another piece for Christine and it can be removed from the bowl, like the potatoes below it can be.

American Girl Mashed Potatoes

Golly you got mashed potatoes? American girl Mashed Potatoes for Christine.

American Girl Waffles

Waffles for Christine's daughter. These came out just as I wanted them to. :)

American Girl Pancakes

Pancakes for Christine. Not entirely sure I love these, will remake them.

13 November 2007

American Girl Tea Set

Here's another part of Christine's commissioned order for her daughter's American Girl doll. This is tea in a tea set made completely from polymer clay. It took a while to get the sugar to look sugary but I'm happy with the end result. :) One of the cups of tea had a little bubble but it looks good, still.

American Girl Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Another part of Christine's order. 4 dollops of mashed potatoes with gravy to go on plates with the ham. The gravy boat is a bit big but it will look fine on the table. :)

American Girl Fried Eggs

Fried eggs, anyone? These are huge eggs for American Girl dolls. These are part of the commissioned pieces by Christine. They will fit on American Girl plates for 18" dolls.

Miniature Ham Dinners

Here's the newest offering on our website, ham dinners. These little dinners are presented on paper plates by Icklebits and are in 1/12th scale for dollhouses. Each plate contains ham, gravy, beans and mashed potatoes. no two are alike.

American Girl Pecan Pie

Pecan pie was another request by Christine. I must admit I'd never eaten this type of pie or seen in up close (or remembered seeing it) so it was a bit guess and check but I think it came out OK. It fits into the same platter as the cake and pumpkin pie do.

American Girl Cake

Here's the pink cake Christine commissioned for her daughter's American Girl doll. It fits in the same cake plate as the pecan pie and pumpkin pie do.

American Girl Pumpkin Pie

Another commission for Christine. I completed this one just before the end of October. It's a Pumpkin pie in 6 pieces with whipped cream on each slice, as requested. The slices are all removable and the pie plate is actually a glass cake case that holds the cake and pecan pies I will post shortly.