03 March 2008

Miniature Foodiversary

February 25th, although I didn't realise it, was my one year anniversary of making miniature food. On that date in 2007 I made my very first miniature food, pancakes. It's now been just over a year since I started making these crazy polymer clay things and it feels like I've been doing it for years. There have been the dry spells, yes, where my food creativity has felt blocked and I've not wanted to work. Working on a custom order for Sumaiya this week has helped a lot.

I have also found that ever since I purchased la Vie en Rose DVD I cannot make miniatures without Edith Piaf's music playing in the background. I usually play La Foule over and over again. I don't speak a word of French. I am tempted to buy the Rosetta Stone program (hundreds of dollars) just to learn. I know I cannot afford such a program, but wouldn't it be nice to be fluent in French so that my fiance and I might take a holiday in Paris some weekend? I think that would be nice. For the moment, Piaf's music has been inspiring me to create, and I thank God that Marion Cotillard won the oscar or I'd have never been tempted to watch la Vie en Rose at all and would have never known who sang the songs I had heard in so many films and enjoyed for so many years.

Miniature Desserts Assortment

Sumaiya Mehreen ordered these desserts for her dollhouse and I had such fun making and arranging them. These were my first time ever making grapes, strawberries and cherries with stems, and the creme brulee was a fun new project and a dessert I simply must try! Sumaiya is working on a wonderful dollhouse animation as well, and her blog is always very interesting. She's got quite a keen eye for miniatures and I am so happy that she chose to order items from me. :)

Sumaiya was the first dollhouse blog I ever read, and she featured my work in it a while back, I was absolutely honoured and she's the reason I opened this blog. I had looked at other blogs but never thought I' d have a purpose for one until I saw how nice hers turned out. :) Such an inspiring person and an amazingly creative one, I am so proud that she is the new owner of these pieces.

Miniature Roast and Soup

I had so much fun making these custom items for Sumaiya Mehreen this week. She had purchased a salad, bread and soup set from me on eBay and contacted me regarding a customer order on some of her dishes that she already owned. She had three sets of dishes that she needed filled with food, so I asked her to mail them to me in order for me to fill them and send them back. She was absolutely the kindest, most courteous customer I've had!

I spent the last week making the soup, roast beef dinner, tea set and then the desserts she ordered. I just finished and packaged them tonight and ya know, I'd really appreciate it if for once my cat would stop trying to be the gaffer in my minis business. She's always got her head in the boxes, or paws in there fishing out the polystyrene packing bits. Today as I was wrapping the desserts, she was trying to steal the packing tissue. I understand that it makes a nice crinkly noise and that it would make a wonderful cat bed, but really, I don't need any more help or any whiskers stuck in the packing tape. She's cute and she purrs at chirps at me while I work, but I only wish she'd shave her fur coat before coming to the job. :)

Miniature Tea Set

This was the tea set I filled with clay for Sumaiya and she also bought my Asparagus dinner set! I am so thrilled!