30 March 2013

Introducing our eStore!

I'm super excited because today is the day our new eStore launches! My husband and I have been hard at work for weeks taking photos of our entire inventory, making new items, writing descriptions, taking weights for our automatic postage set up and more! It's been crazy! Here are some screen shots of the Shop and you can find it at the top of the page by clicking Shop or by clicking here.

15 March 2013

New Products Coming Soon

This week, my husband and I have been busy making products for our upcoming eStore. Many moons ago I had a beautiful eStore at Northern Miniatures and I was very proud of it. This one takes the cake! It's GORGEOUS! I'll give you a sneak preview as soon as possible.

We're hoping to stock not only hand-crafted items but also items from other manufacturers. A one stop shop for unique and hand-made items as well as mass produced items we've acquired. We've been stocking up over the past year and a half and the fun is going to be taking inventory and getting these items stocked online!

Here's a sneak preview of some of the items we've been making - tissue boxes and cotton candy! You'll find only the finest quality in our hand-crafted items. They're adorable and well-made.

07 March 2013

Sweet Treats on eBay

I've added some super sweet treats to my eBay auctions this week! Included are a quart of strawberries, glass containers of candy, cakes, ice cream and cookies! Yum yum! Prices start at $2.00 USD - FAB! Check them out on eBay here.