31 January 2008

Exciting News

After much hard work this week and lots of photography, we now have over 100 unique items in our webstore at http://www.northernminiatures.com/shop and we're still adding more. Mary Jo has made some beautiful hand-crafted wooden beds, a fireplace and some curtains with valance. These are ready to be sold as well, I just have a few more other things to list first and we'll be adding more furniture and other miniature delights to our shop. Our shop accepts paypal, money order or cheque and we're offering the same great service we offer on eBay. We're probably going to stop selling on eBay after February 20th, due to some major listing policy and fee changes, we'd be paying 11% more to list an item and that simply won't do. If we had to pay that amount, we'd have to cut our listings down to one or two a week and it's simply not fair to our customers, so we've decided to sell primarily from our webshop. We hope you will welcome the shop with open arms. Remember, we always take special requests and custom orders and all of our minis are crafted by hand.

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