21 April 2008

Miniature Strawberries

Miniature Strawberries
Originally uploaded by Northern Miniatures by Amanda
I've been making so much stuff lately and working a lot to boot. We've also got a new puppy and it's been very hard to get any sleep at night. I suppose it will be worth it when she's older and settled down but I know this next year of puppy hood is going to be a test for all of us!

I have been making some savoury dinners recently and just have not photographed them yet. I made these strawberries late at night 3 nights in a row, while watching Monarch of the Glen, which I have now finished 3 full seasons of! It's a cute show, really, like the UK equivalent of 7th Heaven but without all of the religious stuff. ;)

I am planning on doing a craft show in May and also I have a guest staying in my home for 10 days, so it's going to be a very busy time and I may not be online much. Sorry if I've not answered your email or message lately, I've had a lot of other business to take care of, and a puppy chewing on my feet, hands, shoes, furniture, anything chewable.

I have ordered many items to make into food items, baskets, silverware, bowls, dishes, etc. and I should be making many more items for the webstore soon. You can find the store at http://www.northernminiatures.com and there's a wide variety of hand-crafted and unique polymer clay items there. We also have some hand-painted and hand-crafted furniture and some beautiful bedding and plants.

I hope you're all well and am always happy to hear from you. Off to bed for tonight, it's an early night as I'm whipped!

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