11 July 2008

Miniature Deviled Eggs, Olives and Cheese

Lost in shipping was a tiny tray of deviled eggs and cheese (I have looked high and low but I think it might have been stuck in the box I had it in originally and been thrown away!) I had made for Sue's order, so I've remade it now and I think it came out even better than the original. There is room enough in the middle for Sue's crackers she plans to adhere. Yay!

Second up was this tiny tray of Olives for Sue as well. One of the most challenging things I have ever tried to make!


Minna said...

I like your blog! You are such an artist with making miniatures from clay.

Meli said...

Lovely blog!!! I'm spanish and use to see million of olives, so yours are absolutly perfect.

Susan said...

The food looks really good and real. I have polymer clay but I am not yet very good at it.

Susan's Mini Talk

ne said...

Hi amanda! would you give some detail from where you have bought the pieces, would you give adresses? especially the cheese & eggs plate is fascinating! thx for help.

Amanda said...

Hi ne, I made the food pieces in this blog. If you mean the trays, I'm not sure where I acquired them.