29 June 2013

1:12 Scale Handmade Dollhouse Miniature Chinese Takeaway

This week I'm offering a 1:12 American style Chinese takeout set on eBay. My coworkers have been sending me requests for certain items to be made, and my friend and coworker, Megan, asked that I make a Chinese food set. My husband is a huge fan of our local takeaway, and although I'm not quite foodie enough to really enjoy the same dishes he likes, I do love noodles and have always liked steamed rice.

Takeaway boxes are a fun item to put together. I found a template online and then altered it to fit my needs. I'm going to keep working to refine the concept. Each box takes me about 30 minutes to put together, and then of course, there's the food to be added as well. I've called our restaurant "Red Door Buffet" in honor of the Buffet down the road and my favorite Chinese takeaway in Northumberland, which had a red door. Each box has a metal handle which is NOT functional, so please no heavy lifting by the wire!

Click here to place your bid on eBay.

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Amaya said...

Hello! I was wondering how you make your boxes? OR where you get them from? Thanks!