02 October 2007

Miniature French Bread

I made 15 loaves of miniature French bread from polymer clay last night. Each loaf has 2 slices cut from it, one of the slices is the butt of the loaf. I then spent some time organizing the miniatures on the display rack for my show. I have not nearly enough stuff for the show but I'll keep on truckin'! I hope to make some peanut butter cookies tonight. I also made approximately 30 miniature garden snails for the show, too. The display rack is looking more full than it has in previous weeks but it's still not enough. I found out my best friend won't be able to help run the show as she's going to be in surgery that day, but my niece has planned to come and help me with the booth. Halloween this year is going to be so much fun! Go check out my sister's blog at pumpkinsnthings.blogspot.com to see all of the cool stuff we're building. Harry Potter here we come!

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