22 October 2007

Our First Show

Our Table
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Well, we did it. I struggled for months to make enough food for the show. I was staying up until 3-4am every night trying to get enough done for this. I had no idea what to expect, other than a table and some potential customers. We received a great reception. :) I met some CDHMers (some who did not realize who I was and I was too embarrassed to introduce reveal my CDHMness) and I met some really prominent figures in Michigan and National Miniatures.

The first day was hectic but we soon settled in at our table and we even enjoyed ourselves a little. We were disappointed with sales on Friday (partly due to our inhibiting setup which was changed on Saturday), but we figured that Saturday would be better and it was. We met loads of folks from the area and hopefully we'll get a bigger Miniatures group going than what we've already got. I learned a lot about show etiquette, dealers, etc. and most people were friendly with us although a few didn't seem interested in chatting and were not very open to us newcomers until later on Saturday. I met so many new people and I'm horrible with name and face correlations but I hope I can remember them all when I see them next.

The question remains now, do we go to Chicago? Time will tell, I'm still in a flutter about this show let alone another one! Where do we go from here? I hope the answer is up! :)

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