03 March 2008

Miniature Desserts Assortment

Sumaiya Mehreen ordered these desserts for her dollhouse and I had such fun making and arranging them. These were my first time ever making grapes, strawberries and cherries with stems, and the creme brulee was a fun new project and a dessert I simply must try! Sumaiya is working on a wonderful dollhouse animation as well, and her blog is always very interesting. She's got quite a keen eye for miniatures and I am so happy that she chose to order items from me. :)

Sumaiya was the first dollhouse blog I ever read, and she featured my work in it a while back, I was absolutely honoured and she's the reason I opened this blog. I had looked at other blogs but never thought I' d have a purpose for one until I saw how nice hers turned out. :) Such an inspiring person and an amazingly creative one, I am so proud that she is the new owner of these pieces.

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smehreen said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww! i am honored!!! :D