03 March 2008

Miniature Foodiversary

February 25th, although I didn't realise it, was my one year anniversary of making miniature food. On that date in 2007 I made my very first miniature food, pancakes. It's now been just over a year since I started making these crazy polymer clay things and it feels like I've been doing it for years. There have been the dry spells, yes, where my food creativity has felt blocked and I've not wanted to work. Working on a custom order for Sumaiya this week has helped a lot.

I have also found that ever since I purchased la Vie en Rose DVD I cannot make miniatures without Edith Piaf's music playing in the background. I usually play La Foule over and over again. I don't speak a word of French. I am tempted to buy the Rosetta Stone program (hundreds of dollars) just to learn. I know I cannot afford such a program, but wouldn't it be nice to be fluent in French so that my fiance and I might take a holiday in Paris some weekend? I think that would be nice. For the moment, Piaf's music has been inspiring me to create, and I thank God that Marion Cotillard won the oscar or I'd have never been tempted to watch la Vie en Rose at all and would have never known who sang the songs I had heard in so many films and enjoyed for so many years.

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