03 March 2008

Miniature Roast and Soup

I had so much fun making these custom items for Sumaiya Mehreen this week. She had purchased a salad, bread and soup set from me on eBay and contacted me regarding a customer order on some of her dishes that she already owned. She had three sets of dishes that she needed filled with food, so I asked her to mail them to me in order for me to fill them and send them back. She was absolutely the kindest, most courteous customer I've had!

I spent the last week making the soup, roast beef dinner, tea set and then the desserts she ordered. I just finished and packaged them tonight and ya know, I'd really appreciate it if for once my cat would stop trying to be the gaffer in my minis business. She's always got her head in the boxes, or paws in there fishing out the polystyrene packing bits. Today as I was wrapping the desserts, she was trying to steal the packing tissue. I understand that it makes a nice crinkly noise and that it would make a wonderful cat bed, but really, I don't need any more help or any whiskers stuck in the packing tape. She's cute and she purrs at chirps at me while I work, but I only wish she'd shave her fur coat before coming to the job. :)

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