18 September 2007

Miniature Chocolate Chip Cookies

These little chocolate chip cookies are one of the most painstaking things I have ever made. Not to mention I spent two hours last night working on pineapples for a customer. I wasn't entirely happy with the result of the pineapples, but I did my best. If she doesn't like them she is not obligated to purchase them because the challenge alone was really fun. The pineapples were tough, but these cookies are no fun either!

The texture, the individual chocolate chipping, whew, I am exhausted and I need about 500 more cookies just to make 50 plates. Absolutely the most draining thing since heart tart cookies. Paper plates by icklebits.

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Debbie said...

Wishing you every success with your show.... Keep up the good work. See you on CDHM
Debbie x aka Tinytreasure1