09 September 2007

Miniature Spaghetti and Garlic Bread

I oftentimes get requests for commissioned pieces through eBay, CDHM or my website. Today's request came from an eBayer and asked "Can you make spaghetti for four and lasagna for four." I set out to make both but I have had so much drama going on in the big world that my eyes were too tired to keep crafting in the little world.

The Spaghetti sauce, noodles and garlic bread are all made from polymer clay. It took ages to get everything just right. I made an initial loaf of bread with seasonings and the seasonings took over and made it look like a giant clump of green clay. Back to the drawing board. I love making bread but I get too picky about it and I always end up remaking it ten times before it's right.

Finally, I sat down and finished this. The entire thing took about two hours from start to finish, including the 20 minute snack break I took and the bake time, walks back and forth to fetch things I kept forgetting, and much more. I'm pretty pleased with the overall result. Now I wish I just had the patience to make something like this every day. It's on eBay now. Happy bidding! :)

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